Our Products and Services

  • Kiln Dried or Seasoned hardwood Logs
  • Kindling
  • Organic Firelighters
  • Delivery across London, Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset
  • Competitive prices
  • Firewood Guaranteed to burn

Our Log Nets consist of quality, kiln dried or seasoned hardwood logs which are hand packed into mono-filament Nets. Although we undertake large and small orders, we do have a minimum order of 5 Nets. We charge by the Net for both Logs and Kindling. There are circa 8-12 Logs per Net cut at a length of 25cm, unless otherwise requested, produced through our log processing machines. We can also supply larger logs specifically for bigger, open fires; just give us a call.

All of the wood we supply is sourced responsibly from sustainable woodland in the South of England. Using Firewood Logs from sustainable Woodlands has many environmental benefits as it is virtually carbon neutral.

Our superior firewood logs are either kiln dried or seasoned for a minimum of two years before they are sold to the customer, to ensure the highest quality and to minimise the moisture content of the Logs. We have built a reputation as one of the leading firewood suppliers in London, Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset, offering a prompt and professional service.

ECO - Friendly Firelighters

We have also sourced alternative eco-friendly Firelighters for this year. The Firelighters are packed in bags of 60 and are available with any Firewood order. These Firelighters can be used to light any type of fire including barbecues as they will not alter the flavour of the food:

  • 100% eco product - made from certificated wood shavings & paraffin wax (it does not smell)
  • For all type of fire-place, tile stove, basin and grills
  • Place between wood, kindling, coal and light up
  • Work without smelling or tainting
  • The Firelighters do not have any effect on the taste and smell of the grilled meat
  • The Firelighters burn for up to 10 mins and to start a fire you need as little as a couple of pieces
  • Buying this product you are supporting planting new trees in protected areas

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